Tower Hill School, Wilmington, DE: DEPOSIT


Tower Hill School, Wilmington, DE: DEPOSIT


PROJECT DESCRIPTION: To design and construct one CHEERIUP Thicket for the Pollinator Garden of LS Experiential Playground of the Tower Hill School, Wilmington, DE. The Thicket design and form will be inspired directly by the landmark Tower Hill structure adjacent to the school. Final design TBD in collaboration with Hord Coplan Macht. This contract sets in place the order of the base Thicket as follows below. Amenities beyond this base order will be requested and approved by client prior to production and will be included on final invoice.

Estimated completion date: November 2018

Base Thicket SIZE: (Included: cedar plank floor, one door, and steel strut uprights.)

8ft W base x 12ft H willow, (shipped in one piece) $9,500

Thicket FEATURES: TBD, will be added to final invoice. Refer to prior estimate for details.

TOTAL: $9,500

50% deposit DUE: $4,750


Estimated Shipping: $1,535 (Actual cost will be bid-out 30 days prior to actual load date, payment due 1 week prior to load time)

Deposit Invoices are due upon receipt. If paying by check, please mail payment to CHEERIUP, 2204 Minnehaha Avenue,

Minneapolis, MN 55404. If an online invoice has been provided & is preferred, please email signed contract to or snail mail to address above.

(Please refer to original contract document for full details.)

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