SITE PREP & INSTALLATION (General terrain recommendations)

-VERY IMPORTANT: Redirect any underground irrigation spouts to point AWAY from the Thicket. (The best way to ruin a Thicket is to have it sprayed with water every week.)
-Measure 6ft diameter circle area where Thicket will sit.
-Excavate & grade measured area 6-12inches deep
-Fill in area with class 5, sand, or pea gravel
-Tamp down
-Mark correct Thicket door orientation for final placement

INSTALLATION (30 minutes, depending on distance from shipping truck to final site)
-Driver will help unload the Thicket from the truck, but you will eventually need to have 3-4 strong bodies or 2 strong bodies and a bobcat to hand walk it over small distances of grass or soft ground and carefully set it into place.

There are removable,locking caster wheels attached to the under side of the base for easy unloading and moving across pavement. Your Thicket can sit locked-in-place on a flat surface after it's delivered until you're ready to move it to it's final spot. If the distance from a flat, hard surface to the final landing site is far, or you need to scale more than a few stairs, you may need to move the Thicket with a bobcat or another motorized source that can move the 500#-900# Thicket. The Thicket can easily be secured to the moving source, but please call me before hand so we can talk through the best practices for this to ensure the Thicket doesn't get damaged in the process.

-There are four rope handles tied onto the base for easy lifting. You will want to use these for hand-walking the Thicket over soft grassy areas or up a few stairs, removing the caster wheels, and setting the Thicket in it’s final spot. You can cut these handles off once you’re done.

-Remove the caster wheels (Phillips head)

-If you’re Thicket has a burlap “dress” for shipping, you can easily remove it by cutting the twine it’s sewn on with, then gently remove the fabric.

Feel free to call Kelly at 612-239-2466 if you or your install crew have any questions before or during the process. I aim to be on-call during Thicket installations.

Unless otherwise arranged in advance, each delivery is set-up to have the shipping carrier call your project representative to schedule a delivery appointment for your site once the Thicket has arrived in town. I've had nothing but great luck with the carriers I use, so if you have any concerns or receive any damage or hassle on your end from them, please call me asap and I'll work on it from my end. *Unless otherwise arranged, you have not been billed for any local warehouse storage. Any storage fees accrued are your responsibility and will be billed accordingly.

Thank you for going Thickets, and good luck on your overall project!

Kelly English