Copy of Indoor Thicket

Copy of Indoor Thicket

from 4,200.00

––– I'm currently taking orders for Spring 2018 and beyond –––

Each CHEERIUP Thicket is made-to-order and custom. Common sized are listed and priced below. Each is signed and numbered, includes a 2ftW x 4ftH doorway, a solid wood floor base (stained or painted) and one play hook. Orders placed here through the online shop (full payment or partial deposit) are given first priority in scheduling. Pricing here does not reflect shipping and/or delivery nor installation. (see PROCESS page for more info) An estimate of these costs can be provided prior to an order based on location and site specifics.

  • Small: 4ft W base x 4-6ft H Great for interior Thickets. Fits one adult + one small child, or two small children. Sample price starting at $4,200

  • Medium: 6ft W base x 7-9ft H Most common outdoor size. Fits 2 adults + 1-2 kids. Must be woven on-site vs. shipped. Sample price starting at $5,200

  • Large: 8ft W base, 10-12ft H Fits 2-3 adults + 2-3 kids. Must be woven on-site vs. shipped. Sample price starting at $7,900

  • Custom: Any size you'd like! Simply email me for an estimate.

Deposit code:
1) Enter the code DEPOSIT at check-out to place the required 50% deposit down on your full Thicket price (not including features, accessories, shipping, delivery) This code will give you a 50% off your total here, then the final balance is due once your Thicket is completed.

CHEERIUP Thickets are non-toxic and intended for all ages. The willow contains no surface coatings of any kind. The ceramic embellishments are all glazed with lead-free glazes. The wooden floors are painted and/or stained using non-toxic and lead-free paints/stains. 100% made in the USA

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