Since CHEERIUP Thickets™ are woven with wildcrafted native willow plants and are typically installed outdoors, my production schedule is somewhat beholden to the cycle of the seasons. Spring, Summer, and early Fall are filled with outdoor installations and willow harvesting. The long MN Winter is typically spent Mothering our kiddo, designing,planning,forecasting,coordinating Spring deliveries,building new business & collaborative partnerships,weaving on a small scale (Fledgling Thickets),installing a few indoor Thickets and outdoor Thickets in milder climates, and slowing my body down. This weaving work is physical, spiritual, and collaborative with the willow, which requires a Winter body break and fortification for the busy warmer months. It's sometimes possible to get a harvest or two in during the early Winter, but Mother Nature doesn't guarantee it.

While it doesn't take terribly long to construct a larger Thicket top to bottom (6-8 weeks of labor). Depending on when you place your order within the year, please expect anywhere from 3 to 12 months for your Thicket. My production schedule typically fills up fairly fast for the year and Minnesota Winters are long.

Thicket production time: The specific timeline varies according to each Thicket's size and design, but it generally takes 6-8 weeks TOTAL to produce a Thicket. Harvesting and preparing the willow for weaving takes approximately 1-2 weeks, weaving and installation takes approximately 5-6 weeks. I wish the turn-around was faster, but since every stage of the process is done by human hands, it truly is a stick-by-stick labor of love & care. 

Thicket shipping/delivery/installation: Shipping/delivery and installation costs are NOT included in the cost of a Thicket. Clients are responsible for these costs. I provide shipping/delivery estimates during the estimation process.Based on my years of experience shipping these unique objects, I prefer to coordinate shipping. I also provide detailed installation instructions. Due to the large and heavy nature of these pieces and the fluctuating price of gas, it's costly to have a completed Thicket over 3ft wide packaged, shipped, and professionally installed to clients outside of Minnesota ($1.5k+). The average cost of shipping a Medium Outdoor Thicket to Northern California in 2015/2016 was $1,795. I do not mark-up my shipping nor delivery/travel/installation costs at all. Thus, I strive to group non-local installations by geographic location to disperse the cost and energy it takes to get your Thicket to you. Thickets like to travel together, so maybe someone else in your area wants one and you can share the shipping cost!