–– I'm currently taking Thicket* orders for Spring 2020 and beyond ––

Folks usually choose a basic size (standard S, M, L or an entirely custom size), then add on features and accessories they fancy, such as windows or a green pouch/window basket or fiber fringe. You can purchase and/or place a reservation deposit on your Thicket here in the online shop. Once your order is placed, I'll email you within 24 hours to set up a time to meet over the phone about the next steps of your project (design specifics, site considerations, scheduling, delivery/installation, etc.) If you are an Architect, Designer, or General Contractor please feel free to view & download my current specifications sheet for commercial projects. Orders placed here through the online shop (full payment or partial deposit) are given first priority in scheduling. Shipping/delivery/installation costs are separate from Thicket costs.

Shipping/delivery and installation costs are NOT included in the cost of a Thicket. Clients are responsible for these costs. I provide shipping/delivery estimates during the estimation process and can coordinate shipping. I also provide detailed installation instructions for clients out-of state. Due to the large and heavy nature of these pieces and the fluctuating price of gas, it's costly to have a completed Thicket over 3ft wide packaged, shipped, and professionally installed to clients outside of Minnesota ($1.5k+). The average cost of shipping a Medium Outdoor Thicket to Northern California in 2015/2016 was $1,795. I do not mark-up my shipping nor delivery/travel/installation costs at all. Thus, I strive to group non-local installations by geographic location to disperse the cost and energy it takes to get your Thicket to you. Thickets like to travel together, so maybe someone else in your area wants one and you can share the shipping cost!  Please join my mailing list for periodic updates on my installation schedule. I often call out for orders in specific locals.

* Refers to larger scale Thickets, not Fledglings nor Table Top Thickets. Fledglings and Table Tops are available for direct sale (when available) in the online shop or by commission.