Jodie Vaughn Thicket: Final Balance

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Jodie Vaughn Thicket: Final Balance


Thank you, Jodie! I can't wait to see how you install your Thicket at Fort!


1) One tree-house Thicket (to be installed/set on top of a tree stump by client)

Size: 6ft W base x 6-7ft H with cedar plank floor… $4,500
Shape: Standard shape, vertical sticks out top
-Shorter, wider doorway (36” wide x 42” high)
-Small circular window (18” diameter, 36” above floor), placed on right side… $200
-3-4 holes and hardware for securing/bolting Thicket into stump… $100
Accessories: 4 ceramic button play hooks, spelling out "F O R T"… $120

2) One Fledgling Thicket "Sora" style… $500

TOTAL: $5,420
Deposit PAID: $2,145 (three $715 payments)

Shipping estimate (paid directly to shipper via credit card prior to load time): $1,495



COMPENSATION & FEES: A non-refundable 50% advance deposit of estimated project cost is required of Client before further planning/design/production can be scheduled and due upon receipt. Remaining project balance is due at project completion. CHEERIUP will prepare a final invoice of any additional material expenses, labor costs, delivery costs and final MN sales tax. CHEERIUP strives for transparency in process and costs associated with each project throughout the production process to ensure Clients are aware of any additional costs associated with add-on features/accessories/treatments before final invoice. Remaining final balance is due at project completion, regardless of when client schedules project delivery. Final balances will incur a 10% late fee if not received within 10 days of final invoice. After 30 days of an overdue balance, CHEERIUP reserves the right to sell the completed project to another party. If you are no longer able to have your order delivered at the original time requested and order is complete, a storage fee of $150/month (or $37.50/week) will be charged. Commercial Clients: All new Commercial Clients will be required to provide a valid credit card for final balance billing. If invoicing is requested, invoices are due upon receipt.

MAINTENANCE GUARANTEE: A one-year maintenance check-up is included for all CHEERIUP Thickets. {MN Thicket check-ups include a site visit. Out of state check-ups will occur via phone and email. Any repair weaving (very rare) will then be arranged.} However, please contact CHEERIUP right away if you have any questions or concerns about the settling of your Thicket before the check-up.


CHEERIUP Thickets are non-toxic and intended for all ages. The willow contains no surface coatings of any kind. The ceramic embellishments are all glazed with lead-free glazes. CHEERIUP Thickets are NOT to be climbed on, hung from, swung on, pushed, pulled, etc.

EXCLUSION OF LIABILITY: CHEERIUP cannot and does not assume any liability or responsibility for any personal injury, death or property damage as a result of persons using CHEERIUP‘s products.


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