Time-lapsed Thicketing

The most common FAQ I get: How long does it take you to weave a Thicket? Obvs, this depends on the Thicket size, but the most common size large scale Thicket I produce is the Medium, 6-7ft W x 7-9ft H. Those take me approx 21 days to produce, including harvesting and prepping the willow for weaving and building the base. Weaving the willow doesn't actually happen until Day 5. It truly is a stick by stick process: from selecting each wild willow stick to harvest, trimming each stick, to finally deciding which stick to use for each inch of the weaving.

I'm SO excited to finally share this first attempt at a time lapse video I made of myself weaving a Medium sized Thicket in the studio. It's messy, rough and boy, will I do some things differently the next time around, but it's also fun witnessing the 11 day process unfold over just under two minutes. And there are a couple cute cameos. This particular Thicket went to a sweet family of five in Westchester, NY this past Summer. (Seeing the Summer light in the studio, green foliage, and my freckled skin feels downright nostalgic on this snowy white Minnesota day.) I just emailed my clients their own copy for their archives. (When I was a kid, I would have LOVED to have seen something like this!) Thinking about trying to make these videos for each Thicket I make in the studio for my out of state clients...