Becca Cooke custom Thicket: Payment #2

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Becca Cooke custom Thicket: Payment #2


One small Thicket (32" w x 32" d x 72"h), no floor, w/ top 1.5-2ft of sheepskin: TOTAL COST: $950.00. This cost is for Thicket only, does not include any possible shipping/delivery costs. Client has requested to pick up product when completed.

Unique payment terms: 3 monthly credit card payments of $316.67.
Payment 1: 11/16/16 PAID
Payment 2: 12/16/16
Payment 3: 1/16/17

CHEERIUP will invoice client for each partial payment on the dates above. Payment of this invoice approves the above payment terms.

THANKS BECCA! I'll keep you posted on the progress of your Thicket!


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